The Ezenwa Lab at the University of Georgia



For prospective graduate students with an interest in joining our group please send an email to Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa outlining your: (1) academic background (including current GPA, unofficial transcript, and GRE scores, if available); (2) previous research experience; and (3) future research interests, including how these interests intersect with work in the Ezenwa lab (to do this I suggest reading a sampling of our recent publications listed on the publications page of this website). Finally, I encourage all prospective students to consider applying for one or more graduate fellowships such as the NSF GRFP or Ford Foundation Fellowship.


For prospective postdoctoral researchers with an interest in the lab please send a note detailing your research interests along with a CV to Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa. Since our interests are diverse, we welcome individuals with perspectives from behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology, and/or molecular ecology who want to expand their research into the area of infectious diseases. We also have an active interest in candidates who want to continue their training in disease ecology either working on one of our current study systems or on related questions in other systems. Because we do not consistently have funding for postdocs, I encourage prospective candidates to explore opportunities for external funding through sources such as NSF, NIH, and the Morris Animal Foundation. Please contact Dr. Ezenwa well in advance of fellowship deadlines (~6-8 months) to discuss potential projects.


We also welcome undergraduate students interested in research opportunities in disease ecology and behavioral ecology. We typically have 2-4 undergraduates working in the lab per year, both during the semester and over the summer. Students can perform research for credit, honors thesis work, or for pay (depending on the availability of funding). If you are interested in working in the lab, please contact Dr. Ezenwa by email.