The Ezenwa Lab at the University of Georgia

Lab News

FALL 2017

  • Congratulations to Allison, whose first thesis chapter is now in print at Animal Behavior.
  • Welcome to Sam Hillman who has joined us from Cardiff University in the UK for a one year internship in the lab. Sam is interested in the links between animal behavior and disease ecology.
  • Kate Sabey, a first year PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Program joined us for a six week rotation in the lab. Kate is interested in the microbiome as it relates to animal behavior.


  • Congratulations to Belén! Our UGA Prep student has been accepted to graduate school at the University of Arizona. She will be joining the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS) program.
  • Welcome to Léa Briard! Léa received her PhD from University of Strasbourg (France) & Free University of Brussels (Belgium) and received a Fulbright Postdoctoral Award to spend a year in the lab studying the links between animal personality and parasitism.
  • Congratulations to David Vasquez Jr. and Robbie Richards who are the two most recent lab members to receive NSF GRFP awards.
  • Congratulations to Robbie Richards and Jenn Cyr who won awards at the Wildlife Disease Association 2017 Student Research Symposium. Robbie won 3rd place for his oral presentation and Jenn won best poster.
  • Another congratulation to Jenn who won 2nd place for her poster presentation at the Department of Infectious Diseases’ 14th Annual Retreat and Research Day.
  • Another congratulation to Robbie who also received a small grant from the American Society of Mammalogists.
  • Former lab members, Malavika Rajeev and Sarah Budischak had papers accepted on aspects of their research in the lab in EcoHealth and Functional Ecology, respectively

FALL 2016

  • Welcome to new lab members, David Vasquez Jr. and Belén Molina. David is a PhD student and part of the inaugural cohort of the NSF-funded IDEAS training program. Belén is a UGA PREP scholar who will be working with us for the next year.


  • Farewell to Ria Ghai who has taken a new postdoc position in the Gillespie lab at Emory.
  • Allison, Ria and Vanessa all attended the Animal Behavior Society Meeting in Columbia Missouri where they each presented work on the Grant’s gazelle project.
  • Ria’s new paper of hemoparasite sharing in wild and domestic ungulates was published in Veterinary Parasitology.
  • Former lab member, Sarah Budischak’s paper of nematode community assembly in buffalo was published in Journal of Animal Ecology.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Alexa McKay who successfully defended her PhD on migration and immunity in monarch butterflies. Alexa is moving on to a position as an Associate Editor at Nature Communications.
  • Congratulations to Jenn Cyr who is the newest member of the lab to receive an NSF GRFP award!